Who We Are

Our Mission:

GirlStrong Nation’s Mission is to inspire, empower, and connect a community of women through sustainable fashion apparel and active wear with positive and uplifting messages.Our goal is to become a globally recognized brand that reflects the Beauty, Positivity, Strength and Health in ALL women. The GirlStrong Angel Wings logo is designed to inspire women to soar high and live life to the fullest. 

Our Vision:

We want all women to believe they have the spark within them to change the world.

Our Mantra:

Strong Heart, Strong Mind, Strong Body 

You can change the world, girl! 

We are all about Premium basics. Our superior craftsmanship, exceptional USA-made quality and commitment to sustainability establishes GirlSTRONG Nation as the go-to athletic apparel company in the US.


Our message is very clear - we celebrate a woman living in her power.


She knows exactly who she is and has the confidence that all things are possible.


She understands that we are each reflections of each other – a sisterhood – a tribe,


Supporting each other to live our best life.


That’s the girl we want in our nation.


Our History

GirlSTRONG Nation, LLC was created by two powerful and successful women, Lisa Kogel Crossley and Ayse Sukola. Ayse is an executive chef, nutrition coach, and Olympic Weightlifting Coach who brings to the company proven talents and extensive knowledge in the fitness and nutrition world. Lisa has drawn on her never-ending entrepreneurial spirit throughout her career, and worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and many others in advertising and marketing. She is also a licensed realtor and a certified health coach.


Putting these 2 powerhouses together, it was inevitable that GirlSTRONG Nation would be born.

The Spirit of Giving Back

The Mission of the Ovarian Cancer Institute is to develop innovative research leading to earlier detection and more effective control of ovarian cancer; to investigate newer models of treatment; and to heighten women’s awareness of the symptoms of, and treatment options for, this disease. 

GirlSTRONG Nation is partnering up with the Ovarian Cancer Institute to bring more awareness to detect ovarian cancer early and empower communities with the knowledge to save lives!

At GirlSTRONG Nation, empowering women is always our goal. It is our calling to stand tall with the message of "Strong Heart, Strong Mind, Strong Body". We want to join forces with like-minded women who go out of their way to empower and embolden other women.  Girls who seek out opportunities to make the world around them better and take great pride in a healthy lifestyle.


If this sounds like you, it's time to join the Nation and become one of our GirlSTRONG Nation Ambassadors. We are looking for women of all ages and at any point in their journey.  We are searching for Ambassadors who are focused on our brand and most importantly, our powerful messaging. You can change the world, girl!
We don't care how many followers you have or how often you are re-tweeted, etc.  Just show us plenty of comments from cool, like-minded women like yourself (or men, too!) who are invested in who you are and what you have to say.




Sign up now for the GIRLSTRONG NATION “Coast to Coast” Virtual Run! 


GirlSTRONG Nation Avatar OCI Tee 

100% of proceeds go to 

Ovarian Cancer Institute.



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