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Welcome to GirlStrong Nation!

If you have found us we believe there are no mistakes and our paths were meant to cross. We are all of the same Tribe – like the quote your Vibe attracts your Tribe – love that - YES!

GirlStrong Nations Athletic Apparel line is of the highest quality and our messaging is all about Inspiration and Empowerment – Living Large – We are all Bad Ass and Goddesses! We are all GirlStrong 1-100! Look at these amazing women in the world!

A little about us …

My name is Lisa Kogel Crossley, married to the gorgeous Stephen Crossley, aka Honey and Mom to Blazer a Black Lab and we reside in the Southeast. My business partner is Ayse Sukola, wife to Jeremy and Mom to the most precious little girl Chloe and together we started GirlStrong Nation.

Ayse is an Executive Chef, Nutrition Coach and an Olympic Weightlifter Coach, she really is an inspiration to all, a true Goddess. We met at a Cross fit gym where she is a coach – and we immediately connected. Later she started a work-out group called Girl Strong – and sooo the STORY begins and together we created GirlStrong Nation – our motto Strong heart. Strong mind. Strong body.

Just a little about my background, I have worked for many of the big cosmetic and fragrance companies over the last 15 years, like LVMH Guerlain, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang – traveling the southeast, also working in the Advertising and Marketing industry, a Realtor and a Health Coach – all areas in life I have felt passionate about. I have always had an entrepreneur spirit. A great book to check out if you would like to know your Top 5 Strengths is Strength Finders 2.0 – one of mine is a Visionary. Good stuff – opens your eyes to focus on what your really good at!

Back to meeting Ayse, You just know when your meant to connect with someone and the conversations expand – we are all on a path – going this way and that way – some have plans to start big families – some travel the world – some move to the city – some move out to the country – some maybe move to another country – some stay in the same small town they grew up in – but we all live big full lives – touching others in the smallest of ways can change a person’s life course forever – just a small touch – a smile – a word can change a person forever. I have learned that It’s ALL about Speaking good into each other and into the world. We are all life changers and world changers … These are the kind of conversations Ayse and I would have from the start – so we knew something Divine was brewing and now we bring to the WORLD GirlStrong Nation.

We hope you will visit us often and always Remember – You Can CHANGE the world girl!

Peace & Love

Lisa and Ayse

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