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Setting Intentions to Achieve Your Health Goals by Sarah Krippner

Setting Intentions to Achieve Your Health Goals

Here we are. It is almost end of January and you may be thinking about improving your health in some way but are feeling stuck. You see words flying around social media about intentions, manifesting, abundance, and resolutions. You might be thinking “I should’ve set my goals before New Year’s like everyone else”. You may be feeling that resistance to committing or just haven’t figured out what exactly to do yet. And now it is too late.

All of this is ok by the way. You are not alone and it really is all ok. Plus it is never too late.

The cool thing about setting your own goals is you can do it anytime. Sure, a lot people make a big rush for the gym on January 2nd and hit the ground running. That’s great. If this isn’t you then we need to sit down and see what does get you inspired to hit the ground running. That’s the secret about health goals, they really have to be your idea. Your words. Your commitment. Your intentions.

One thing I have learned over the years is that if you try to force yourself into someone else’s idea of fitness or diet then there is a good chance it will not work for long or at all. The best goals are the ones you create by being honest with yourself about where you can start. For real. If you try to keep up with your friend or neighbor and can’t quite do it, you may feel like you failed and give up. This doesn’t feel good and change is a heck of a lot easier when you feel good.

The big secret though is, you didn’t fail. And for pity sake Do Not Give Up! If you talk to the most successful people in any area of life be it fitness, health, finances, or personal growth, they will all tell you it was not a straight climb to the top. There are many stops along the way that some call failure, others call lessons or opportunities. Whatever words you want to use doesn’t matter. Just keep climbing.

But they all set goals.

This is where your intentions come in. For me, I love to set my intentions before I do just about anything. Setting your intentions is something you can do over and over throughout the day to keep your mind focused on the desired outcome. Setting intentions creates a mood or energy about your day. It’s laying the groundwork for constructing a powerful platform from which you control the look and feel of everything you do. Haphazard goal setting at the end of the year just to say you did it is not intentional. Better you wait, get in the right mind to create change, then set your goals. This is intentional.

So now that you are recommitted to your health and are ready to get moving here is what I suggest. Get in a great mood and set your goals from that place. Do not stare at your body in the mirror, feel like crap and then try to be motivated to change. Do not go hang out with the people that you are envious of for some reason and think that will motivate you. That is pushing in the wrong direction.

That is setting yourself up for heart break.

Get a massage, take a nap, or hang with a friend that lifts you up, then set those goals. Take time to write down a few things that you already feel great about. Where are you already achieving greatly in your life? Soak up that energy and use that to feed your inspiration.

Be very intentional to create a high energy atmosphere when you commit to your new plan. Create steps at first that are easy to achieve. As you start to complete them, celebrate! Create more of that high flying energy and set the next phase of goals. Keep doing this again and again. Eventually the steps get bigger and may take more time to achieve. This is a good thing. The most important part is staying in that place of celebration and joy from your most recent victory while you set the next steps.

Taking the time to feel good is important. So notice what makes you feel lousy and don’t do that anymore. Sounds easy right? It can be harder than it looks. Once you realize all the little things that make you feel bad, stop doing them and then replace with better feeling things, you become that much more powerful in achieving your goals.

So whether you call it mindfulness or living intentionally, it all boils down to the same thing. Stop living by default and expect change. Get involved with your life, your emotions, and your energy. Be here, be present. Live intentionally and see how your health and your life change for the better.

Sarah Krippner

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach


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