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5 Keys to a Happy & Healthy Life!

1) Nourish (EAT)  - Compose the Perfect Plate!

Pick the best quality whole-food ingredients you can, then combine them in a ratio that gives half of your plate vegetables, a quarter of your plate lean protein, a quarter of your plate healthy carbs, and 1 thumb of healthy fats. Aim for the Perfect Plate Breakdown:

50 to 70 % Nonstarchy Vegetables such as Dark leafy greens, crucifers (broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage) summer squashes, onions, and garlic. 

10 to 25 % Best Quality Proteins such as Grassfed or hormone-free Meats, organic, hormone-free or pastured poultry, wild-caught fish, pastured raised eggs, organic or hormone-free dairy ( if nonallergic), nuts and seeds, and bone broth. (keep in mind, try organic, hormone-free meats, you eat, what they ate)

10 % to 25% Healthy Fats such as Coconut and coconut oil, Olives and olive oil, avocado, nut butter, pastured butter, and ghee. 

2) Approach healthy eating as a way of life — not another diet and make it FUN!

  • Make it a priority. Grocery shop once a week with a list in hand (but not when you’re hungry!). Stock up on fruits and vegetables, especially the convenient pre-cut and pre-washed selections. Pay attention, when shopping for fruits and veggies to the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen list, it changes seasonally. Just google Clean 15/Dirty Dozen.

  • Do some cooking. This helps control ingredients and portion sizes. Keep it simple, like throwing some chicken in the oven, baking potato, and microwaving some frozen vegetables. Cook ahead and freeze on the weekends if that’s better for your schedule.

  • Be wise about eating out. Portion sizes have gotten HUGE! Make up your mind to only eat about half of your meal or share it with someone else. Leftovers can be part of a great lunch the next day. When bringing home take-out food, serve it with a bag of salad, some fruit, and a healthier beverage from home.

  • Make gradual, realistic changes. Lifestyle changes take time! If you never cook, try once or twice a week at first. Try adding extra fruit a few times a week, and then add more once you’ve adjusted.

  • Try new things! Focus on what kinds of foods you should be having more of, rather than those that need to be cut back.


  • Sleep is an essential act of daily maintenance, Sleep is your friend & keeps your brain sharp. Don't miss it!

  • Expose yourself to sunlight in the morning. Take a morning walk daily.

  • Get outside several times each day. 

  • Simplify your evenings. Power down screens a couple of hours before bed. ( Think about EMF Protection around the house, Green Smoothie Girl website has the sticker discs for phones, TVs, microwave and computer screens and try Salt Lamps in all the rooms ) Also look into essential oils, both soothing and healing, as your skin is your biggest organ.


GET ACTIVE & Have FUN! Add FUN to your every day, what are you doing for FUN? Fun??? What are you doing every day that is Fun??? Your exercise should involve FUN!

  • Find an activity that you can truly enjoy, something that is FUN, and makes it a part of your daily lifestyle. Set realistic goals so that you won’t get discouraged. Work in resistance & strength training exercises, which help boost metabolism by increasing lean muscle tissue in the body.

  • The physical activity enables us to stay in motion. This allows our bodies to function properly, avoid multiple health issues, and most importantly to protect our spine, mind, heart, and blood pressure and of course Look & Feel Amazing! AND Listen to Music every day, who are some of your favorite artists, musicians, songs! Let your music be your Inspiration.


Make a daily act of unsolicited kindness one of your health habits. Here’s how:

  • Surprise someone with an authentic compliment about how they handled something.

  • Listen closely to an acquaintance who’s in need of being heard.

  • Lend a hand to a stranger.

  • Say a genuine “thank you” to the conductor on the train or the cashier at the grocery store.

  • Let another driver cut in front of you with a cheery wave. Yes!!!

  • Check-in on your elderly neighbor and share coffee and a laugh.

  • Smile and make eye contact with a stranger.

  • With one random act of kindness at a time, we help each other become more present and connected — and healthier, too.

RESOURCES: Excerpted from How to Be Well, by Frank Lipman, MD.

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